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BarkBox July 2016 Review

Greetings! Meadow's here today with a review of her July BarkBox. BarkBox is the most popular monthly dog subscription box, and after receiving BarkBox for a few months, it's easy to see why. BarkBox just seems to get better and better each month!

The BarkBox Opening Ceremonies. Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.

This month's theme was "World Chompians" for the Summer Olympic Games. I was a little skeptical, thinking that an Olympic-themed box would be kind of cheesy - but I was pleasantly surprised by how goofy and silly the toys were in this month's box. As usual, Meadow loves these goofy toys as well as the treats in this month's box.
Dave gets a workout. 
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Couture.
As for toys, Meadow's Extra Toy Club toy was "Dog Paddlin Dave" by Bark & Co. (approx. $10.00) This Bark & Co. exclusive toy is hilarious! This guy is about 11 inches long, and his torso is a full-body squeaker. Dave's appendages are filled with crinkle material. When thrown, the arms and legs flail around, and Meadow loves giving this toy the death shake. She loves playing fetch with Dave! If she were in a destructive mood, I think Dave's time would be short. I doubt Dave's appendages would hold up to a dog that likes to pull apart toys. Meadow loves full body big squeakers like Dave's torso, so she loves this toy. Unfortunately, after heavy chomping/squeaking, she usually punctures the squeaker in these types of toys, so he probably won't squeak for very long.

The Torch Bearer.
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Boutique
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
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She also received a Hairy The Torch by Bark & Co. (approx. $12.00).  This 8 inch plush torch is covered in tough nylon, and the handle has a rope inside as well as a crinkle material. The top of the torch is a large squeaker, and the flame is bright orange faux fur. Meadow immediately decided to try to pull the fur out of the top, but we interrupted that game for a game of fetch with this torch. I love this toy! I'm envisioning cute pictures using this toy as a prop - if she doesn't wreck it by pulling the fur out of the top.

Meadow's new favorite toy ~ I-Vanna.
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Boutique
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
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Meadow also got I-Vanna Not Fall-Ova by Bark & Co. (approx. $14.00). I-Vanna is hilarious! This was the toy Meadow pulled out of the box first. After playing fetch with all of the toys, this is the one that Meadow keeps bringing to play with and toss around in the house. I-Vanna's body is a large nubby plastic squeaky ball covered in plush. Her arms and legs are pull-through rope plush. I-Vanna bounces! She's got enough heft, it's easy to throw her. Meadow loves fetching her, and whipping I-Vanna's arms and legs around wildly. The ball itself feels pretty sturdy, but the appendages might be at risk for being ripped off. That said, Meadow's Dingo the Scarecrow toy from her May BarkBox that has pull-through appendages is still in one piece. This toy is hilarious and Meadow's really enjoying playing with it.

As for treats, Meadow received an Etta Says! Crunchy Select Liver Chew, 5 in. (approx. $3.00). I cannot find this specific Etta Says! treat anywhere online, nor in the BarkShop, so I'm guessing on the price based on similarly sized Etta Says! chews. While I took a picture of it right out of the package, I also failed to notice which protein this liver chew was and whether it's 100% protein or if it contains other ingredients. What I do know is that Meadow loved this! She got it stuck inside a peanut-butter-filled Kong. We've had Etta Says! treats in the past, and she enjoyed them. Every month, Meadow's box contains a chew, which is a nice way to try out different products. This month, and last month, though, the chew (a 5-inch chew, and a half-pig's ear), were a little on the small side for a dog of Meadow's size. I'd prefer a larger chew for her. A wide variety of Etta Says! treats can be found on Amazon and at

How long do I have to hold this treat? *Drools*
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
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Meadow also received a package of Nootie Just Chew It Turkey Jerky Strips, 5 oz. (approx. $7.00). These jerky treats are made and sourced in the USA and contain no grain or gluten. The ingredients in these Turkey Jerky treats include turkey liver, potato starch, yellow pea powder, black beans, glycerin, dried ground beet, pulp product, chicken fat, pea fiber, tapioca starch, salt, lactic acid, natural smoke flavor, dried cultured skim milk, iron oxide, natural bacon flavor, mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract, annatto extract (color). Jerky treats are always a hit in our house, and these are no exception. They break apart fairly easily, so they can work as training treats.

Seriously. How many pictures do you need, mom.
 Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.

She also got a bag of House of Pups Gold Medal Dog Snacks, 5.5 oz. (approx. $6.00). These adorable paw-imprinted soft treats are a little large for training treats, but Meadow thinks they are delicious! These soft treats are high value, and work well for focus/attention and distraction practicing. The ingredients include lamb, lentils, pea flour, potatoes, tapioca starch, ground flaxseed, vegetable glycerin, canola oil (preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols, cheddar cheese, phosphoric acid, turmeric, salt, xanthan gum, sorbic acid (to preserve freshness), and natural flavor smoke.

Finally, there was a punch-out paper medal and ribbon that is designed to be punched out, and hung on your dog's collar as a "gold medal." We haven't tried putting it on Meadow yet, but I have some ideas for some cute photos with this paper "prop."

BarkBox knocked it out of the park again this month! We've been receiving BarkBox for four months now, and two other dog subscription boxes for a few months, and so far, BarkBox is my favorite - primarily because of the exclusive, unique toys and cute themes!  

About BarkBox

Meadow has a subscription to the Big & Bold Box (50+ pound) BarkBox with the add-on premium monthly toy. She weighs in at around 60 pounds, and is a medium-to-heavy chewer. She destroys some stuffies and treats others like babies. A one month subscription - or basically - a single box - costs $29.00. You can also sign up for a six-month ($24/box), or twelve-month subscription ($20/box). You can also add an extra premium toy for $9 a month. If there are toys and treats that your dog really loves, you can order more through the BarkShop.

To get a FREE box added to your subscription, use Meadow's BarkBox link, or Coupon Code "MEADOWANDKITTIES" and Meadow will also get a FREE box. OR, to get a FREE "mystery gift" added to your first BarkShop order, use Meadow's BarkShop link or use Coupon Code NPGJHA23.

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  1. Wow, you got lots more than we did AND you did such a great review. We had to split that liver chew between us and Ciara gobbled hers up. Lightning isn't crazy about hard things so it took him a while to get it into small enough pieces for him to swallow. We haven't tried the other treats yet.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning