Monday, July 18, 2016

Surprise My Pet July 2016 Dog Subscription Box Review

Meadow checks out her Surprise My Pet box
Meadow's got a little bit of a backlog of subscription boxes to review...all three of her subscription boxes came within two days this month!

Today, Meadow reviews her first Surprise My Pet subscription box. I got a good deal on through Groupon for a three month subscription to Surprise My Pet for $55.00. Check out Groupon for deals on pet subscription services - it's not uncommon to find a good deal!

The theme this month is "Fire Up the Grill It's Picnic Time!" I thought Surprise My Pet did a nice job with curation this month, and the value is good - especially with the Groupon deal. 

Yawn! No more pictures - only treats!
This month, we have a cute Red and White Checked Bandana by Latham & Company (approx. $7.99) - which fits nicely with the picnic theme. The tag on the bandana indicates that this is a size large, and it fits 19" - 20". It has a plastic clip on either end to secure it. It actually fits Meadow perfectly. She has an 18 inch neck, but she usually wears her bandanas a little loose. A dog with a larger neck is probably not going to fit into a Large. Meadow wears bandanas all the time, and I'm happy to add another one to her collection. This will get used. I like that it has a clip and is clearly a pet bandana, rather than a promotional generic bandana. This bandana - and other bandanas - is available for individual sale at the Latham & Company website.

I can has cheezeburger?
As for toys, first we had a Share the Love Plush Squeaky Hamburger by Jeffers, Inc. (approx. $2.00). Meadow spotted this hamburger as soon as we opened the box, and I could almost see the light bulb go off over her head - she thought this was another Velcro Buns of Anarchy Cheeseburger like she got in her April Barkbox, which is still in one piece, and which she still plays with. This cheeseburger is not a pull-apart Velcro toy, so I immediately envisioned her ripping this apart in about thirty seconds. This plush hamburger is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter, and it contains a squeaker. So far, Meadow hasn't wrecked it, but left to play with it unattended, I'm sure it would last about 30 seconds. We've been playing fetch with it in the house, and she loves it! It's a little small for a dog of Meadow's size, and would require close supervision with a bigger dog - or a dog that ingests toy parts. However, given the price point of $2.00 for this toy, it's not a huge financial loss if it gets wrecked. Again, nice job with matching the picnic theme! This plush squeaky hamburger is available for purchase directly from Jeffers, Inc.

Time for a doggie brewsky
We also received a PrideBites Paws Lite Beer Bottle (approx. $9.99). This beer bottle squeaky toy is adorable! It's made of a fleece cover, and lightweight foam stuffing with an interior squeaker. It' about 9 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide. It's a good size for Meadow. These toys also float! Meadow already has a PrideBites toy and it has held up very nicely. This is a good quality toy. We've been playing fetch with it in the house. This Paws Lite Beer Bottle toy is available for purchase directly from the PrideBites website.

A beer and a burger - perfect for a Saturday afternoon!
Yummo! Yummo!
Meadow also received a Himal Dog Treat (approx. $14.99). We have a yak chew cheese treat we purchased for her in her stockpile closet, but she hasn't tried it yet. We decided to give this one a try. Meadow was immediately interested, and took it over to a shady spot to chew on it in the backyard. She has a collection of antlers, Benebones, Nylabones, and other hard chews. I was curious to see exactly how hard this chew was. It is made only of yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice to produce a hard cheese chew. This chew kept Meadow busy for quite a while. She was able to bite off chunks which she chewed and ate. As with any hard chew, a dog should be supervised while enjoying this chew. Meadow did eventually eat the whole thing within about an hour-and-a-half or so. She really enjoyed it. We will definitely add these hard yak milk cheese chews to her regular rotation. These Himal Dog Treats can be purchased on Amazon. 

Seriously drool-worthy! Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.
We also received a Pawsitively Gourmet Cookie (approx. $1.99). I couldn't figure out what this cookie was at first until I consulted the information card in the box - it is a picnic blanket. It was in one piece. These cookies are handmade and sold wholesale by Pawsitively Gourmet. These cookies are widely available at pet retailers and are available in bulk on Amazon. They are made from stone-ground whole wheat flour, peanut butter, sweet potato, vegetable oil, corn syrup, yogurt coating, and carob coating. They are made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA. These cookies contain lots of sweet things, so it's no wonder that Miss Cookie Monster loved this treat!

Turkey time!
Last but not least, Meadow received a package of Loving Pets Grill-icious Turkey Treats, 4 oz.  (approx. $3.22). Loving Pets treats are widely available, but I don't think we've ever had them before. I was very pleasantly surprised by the ingredient list on these treats - just turkey and sweet potato - that's it! What's more - both the turkey and the sweet potatoes are farmed and raised in the USA, and the treats are manufactured in the USA. I feel good about feeding Meadow these treats, and she loves them! They are about the size of a half-dollar, and they are semi-hard. They can easily be broken in half. They are big for training treats, but we've discovered that larger treats that can be broken, or that we can let Meadow nibble during training seems to work well, so these are going into the training treat stockpile. Given the price, we will definitely be adding Loving Pets treats to the "buy again" list. I'm pleased to have tried these Loving Pets treats courtesy of Surprise My Pet.

Overall Impressions

I'd seen reviews of the Surprise My Pet subscription on other website, and I thought they did a nice job with curating for a monthly theme. I also thought that the toys and treats seemed to be a nice mix of higher value and more inexpensive treats and toys. I liked this month's box, and we got a chance to try a few items we've never tried before. Some of the items are relatively inexpensive, but they will work for us. Based on this month's box, Surprise My Pet seems like a good value for the price of the subscription, and I thought the curation of the items was nicely done for this month's theme. I calculated the total value of the box to be over $40.00 which is well over the monthly cost of the box, particularly if you purchase a longer subscription and/or use a coupon. In fact, you can get 10% off your subscription purchase using Meadow's link. 

About Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet is a monthly subscription service that delivers a monthly surprise box of treats and toys for your pet. They offer a variety of customization options and lengths of subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew after the subscription period unless you cancel before renewal. Surprise My Pet has dog subscriptions - and they also recently added cat subscriptions! For dogs, you can choose Tiny (under 10 pounds), Small (10-20 pounds), Medium (20-50 pounds), or Large (50+ pounds) to ensure that the products in your box are a good fit for your pet. A one-month subscription is $30, a three-month subscription is $84 ($28/box), and a yearly subscription is $288 ($24/box). Use Meadow's link and save 10% on your subscription! 

Looks like somebody partied a little too hard


  1. Great review! We hadn't seen the Himal dog treats but tried the Himalayan dog crews. Seems this one costs a lot less! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  2. That is a very nice subscription box. And even nicer with the Groupon pricing:) We received a BarkBox three month subscription as a gift from friends and have been very happy with the quality of the items included. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. OMG Meadow looks super adorable with that bandana! :D Your reviews and blog is awesome! ;)