Friday, June 24, 2016

BarkBox Review June 2016

Meadow got her new BarkBox about a week ago, and it might just be our favorite one yet! Where BarkBox truly shines is adorable, exclusive toys and products fitting an adorable monthly theme. This month, the theme was "The Grrrreat Outdoors," and the items were all camping/outdoors themed.

For our tough-chewer little pittie girl, realistically, the plush toys she gets in her BarkBox are not super durable. She sometimes destroys stuffies, and sometimes doesn't. The toys this month (and in previous months) are not necessarily made for stuffie-killers, but on the balance - for me anyway - the cuteness of the toys outweighs the fact that Meadow will almost certainly destroy them at some point in time. Destroyed stuffies are just a fact of life in our home. I will say, though, that after about a week of pretty heavy play-time, Meadow hasn't wrecked any of her toys yet, despite my doubts about their durability. Usually, Meadow will like one or two of the toys in each box, and ignore the others, but this month, she really liked all the toys!

Bungee Buddy Bear
Meadow's first toy was the Bungee Buddy Bear by R2P Pet Ltd. (approx. $16.00). The bear's body is about 12 inches long, and the head is attached by a stretchy-bungee "neck." The toy is about 22 inches long in total. Both the body and the head have separate squeakers, and the body has a crinkle bottle. Meadow really likes this one! She loves anything plush that squeaks - particularly if it has multiple squeakers. She hasn't attempted to rip it apart yet, although I suspect that if she were to set to work on ripping it apart, it would last about two seconds. The ears, limbs, and then the head would get ripped right off. With a smaller, less-strong dog, you might be able to play tug with this toy, but even a moderate tug from Meadow would rip the head right off this bear. That said, she's been pretty gentle with this stuffy so far, so it's a winner! Weirdly, our cat Blueberry has also taken a shine to this bear. He sometimes humps stuffed animals (despite having been neutered years ago), and this bear is apparently his new "special friend." 

Swiss Arrffy Knife
Next, Meadow got an exclusive Swiss Arrffy Knife by Bark & Co. (approx. $14.00). This toy isadorable and spot on for the theme! Meadow loves it! It has a full body squeaker, which seem to be her favorite kind of squeaky toys, and no stuffing. The outer covering is canvas, and the utensils are also made of reinforced canvas. The body of the knife is approximately 7 inches long. I thought for certain that Meadow would make short work of this toy, as she has done with similar solid squeaker toys in the past, but so far, she hasn't wrecked it. I also thought that the tools, which are reinforced canvas, would be ripped off within a few minutes of playing, but so far, this toy is entirely in one piece.

Pawty Training Roll - Don't worry Mom! I've got the TP!
As her Extra Toy Club toy, Meadow received an exclusive Pawty Training Roll by Bark & Co. (approx. $12.00). This toy is HILARIOUS! Seeing Meadow carrying around and playing with a toy roll of toilet paper is awesome! The "paper" is nylon stuffed with crinkle paper, and backed with Velcro, so that it rolls and unrolls. The center toilet paper "roll" is made of hard rubber, and it's hollow through the center. Meadow has tried fairly hard to rip the "paper" off the roll, and has yet to wreck the paper part of the toy. I'm really pleased to see another Velcro toy this month. The Velcro wrap lets Meadow have the thrill of "tearing" apart a toy without wrecking it. She did settle in to gnaw on the rubber core and got some chunks ripped off, but the toy is still more or less intact. This is my favorite toy this month! How ridiculously silly and funny is a toilet paper roll dog toy?!?

Sawmill Creek Smokehouse Pig's Ear
For the edible goodies, first, Meadow got a Half Pig Ear from Sawmill Creek Smokehouse (approx. $3.00). These pigs ears are made in the USA. Meadow hasn't tried this ear yet, but she's had pigs ears in the past and she loves them! If I were buying pig's ears myself, I'd go with a larger full ear, rather than a half ear, as a half ear is probably a little small for a dog of Meadow's size. Sawmill Creek Smokehouse dog chews can also be found on Amazon.

Pupstream Snacks
Meadow also received a package of Pupstream Snacks by Honest Love, 5.5 oz. (approx. $6.00). These soft bone-shaped treats are made in the USA and contain salmon, chickpea flour, glycerin, ground potato, tapioca starch, ground flax seed, sugar, apple, phosphoric acid, salt, xanthan gum, sorbic acid (to preserve freshness), natural smoke flavor, and mixed tocopherols (a natural source of Vitamin E to preserve freshness. There's a lot of carby, starchy, and sugary ingredients in these bone-shaped treats, but I imagine they taste pretty good to a dog. Meadow loves these - they are high value for her. We've been breaking them into smaller pieces to use for training.

Ducky Charms Trail Mix
Last but not least, Meadow also received a package of Ducky Charms Trail Mix by Bark & Co., 4 oz. (approx. $8.00). This "trail mix" is made in the USA, and contains bone-shaped crunchy biscuits, baked banana chips, and chewy dried apple slices. The biscuits contain duck, blueberries, and kale. The ingredients in these are pretty simple - oat flour, duck, blueberry, kale, apple, banana, coconut oil, and honey. Meadow likes these treats - even the dried banana and apple chips.

About BarkBox

Meadow has a subscription to the Big & Bold Box (50+ pound) BarkBox with the add-on premium monthly toy. She weighs in at around 60 pounds, and is a medium-to-heavy chewer. She destroys some stuffies and treats others like babies. A one month subscription - or basically - a single box - costs $29.00. You can also sign up for a six-month ($24/box), or twelve-month subscription ($20/box). Having studied the options available for dog subscription boxes, we dove right in with a 12-month subscription for Meadow. You can also add an extra premium toy for $9 a month. If there are toys and treats that your dog really loves, you can order more through the BarkShop.

To get a FREE box added to your subscription, use Meadow's BarkBox link, and Meadow will also get a FREE box. OR, to get a FREE "mystery gift" added to your first BarkShop order, use Meadow's BarkShop link or use Coupon Code NPGJHA23. 

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