The Reviewers

Meadow is a one-year old pit bull mix puppy. We adopted her in the fall of 2015 from A Rotta Love Pit bull and Rottweiler Rescue. She loves stuffy toys, treats, cheeseburgers, Kongs, peanut butter, daycare and having fun. She is high energy, and loves to romp and play with other dogs. She also loves all of her kitties.

Meadow's Kitties

Reekoe, Meadow's oldest brother.  The OG Orange Cat Mafia boss.

Eddie, Meadow's next eldest brother. Eddie's an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Slimey, Meadow's cuddle buddy. Slimey likes to snuggle with his baby sister, Meadow from time to time. He also likes to try to sample her treats. Slimey is a foster failure.

Princess, Meadow's nemesis. There can be only one princess in this family. Princess is rarely seen, and even more rarely photographed. Princes is also a foster failure.

Blueberry, Meadow's best friend. Blueberry and Meadow adore each other and romp and play together. BB was our last foster failure.

Past foster kitties: Kirby (adopted), Melody (adopted), Tali (adopted), Mischa (adopted), Clyde (adopted), Cheeto (adopted), Millie (adopted), Sylvester (aka Slimey) (adopted), Linus (adopted), Blake (adopted), Colby (adopted), Matisse (adopted), Arya (adopted), Cersei (adopted), Jaime (adopted), Sansa (adopted), Catelyn (aka Princess) (adopted), Calvin (adopted), Hank (adopted), Audrey (adopted), Forrest (adopted), Logan (adopted), Maxwell (aka Blueberry) (adopted), Kiki (Guardian Angel), Autumn (adopted), Nelson (adopted), Spring (adopted), Rudy (adopted)

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