Saturday, July 16, 2016

Orijen Alberta Bison Treats from Review

Happy Caturday everyone! Meadow and her Kitties recently became Influencers,
and we received our first item to review - Orijen Alberta Bison Treats, 2 oz. (approx. $9.49). 

Disclaimer ~ we received this item for free as part of the Influencer program in exchange for our honest opinion. 

We have had Orijen treats in the past ~ we love the fact that they are 100% protein and sourced from meat raised in Canada and the USA. Their line of 100% protein treats are great for both dogs and cats! Our diabetic cat Eddie can even have these 100% protein treats!

Orijen is a Canadian company that makes biologically appropriate food and treats for dogs and cats. All of Orijen's products are made from locally sourced ingredients, including free range poultry, whole nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fish, and ranch-raised meats.

These Alberta Bison treats are 100% protein - made only from freeze-dried bison, bison liver, and bison tripe. The bison meat is sourced from bison that are raised free-range on Alberta's Rolling Foothill Farms.  The treats themselves are a good size for training treats. They are not super dense or hard, but they are firm enough that they don't crumble or turn to dust in a training treat bag. They are crunchy but soft enough for Eddie, our diabetic cat, who has had several teeth removed, to eat, and enjoy! There's about 45 treats in the bag, and each treat is 7 calories. For dogs or cats with sensitivities to grains, poultry, fish or other ingredients, these are a great choice! Bison is also a "novel protein" for most pets, meaning that they probably have not eaten that protein in the past which can be an option for dogs or cats with digestive problems.

Eddie trying Orijen Alberta Bison Treats
Orijen is a brand I trust! While there's lots of options for healthy treats out there for dogs, one of the reasons I love Orijen is their variety of 100% protein treats that are healthy, and sourced in North America - that our cats can enjoy, too! Both Meadow and Eddie sampled these treats, and both of them enjoyed them! Orijen Alberta Bison Treats can be purchased at The only downside to Orijen is that they are a little spendy as far as pet treats go. But, I'm happy to splurge on an item like this, knowing that I'm getting a very healthy, high quality product that my pets will love.
Meadow patiently waiting for "OK" to try her Orijen Alberta Bison Treats. Her beautiful bandana is from Hoot & Co. Click here to get 10% off your first order from Hoot & Co. is a great place to purchase pet products online. They have a huge selection of high quality foods, treats, and other pet products, including Orijen brand products. To learn how to become a  influencer, email svillegas(@) for more information.

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