Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cavies in Cozies Fourth of July Reversible Dog Bandana Review

Hi friends! Meadow (and the person who pays her bills and buys her stuff) have discovered the amazing world of Etsy, and handmade toys, treats, and accessories for dogs and cats. In the past few weeks, Meadow's received several handmade items made by small businesses located throughout the US and abroad. We are big fans of supporting small businesses and getting unique, quality items!

Check out Meadow's Fourth of July Reversible Bandana by Cavies in Cozies (approx. $5.50). Before the Fourth of July, I decided Meadow needed a red, white, and blue bandana to sport while we visited the lake over the long weekend. I chose a lovely reversible tie-on bandana, with one side being blue with white stars, and the other side being red and white stripes, from Cavies in Cozies. I ordered three extra bandanas of the same style so Meadow's doggie cousins could have matching bandanas. I contacted the seller about ordering multiple bandanas of the same size, and she immediately responded that she was short on the fabric. Within a few hours, she contacted me again to send a picture of a slightly different fabric that she found, to confirm that the slightly different fabric was acceptable (it was!). She set up a custom listing in the Cavies in Cozies shop for me for my order, and she shipped my order by the next morning. The pricing on the items in the Cavies in Cozies shop is also very reasonable, particularly in comparison to some other dog bandana retailers. We received our bandanas in plenty of time before leaving town for the long holiday. Meadow wore her Cavies in Cozies Fourth of July bandana almost non-stop for the entire long weekend.

I was really, really impressed with the communication with the owner of Cavies in Cozies, and she went out of her way to ensure I was satisfied. The bandana is very nice quality, and its held up to lots of wear and tear playing fetch, running through fields, and even swimming in the lake. Cavies in Cozies has lots of adorable dog bandanas for sale, and they also sell "cozies" for guinea pigs and other small pets. I definitely recommend checking this shop out. I know Meadow will be a repeat customer.

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