Saturday, July 23, 2016

Daisy-Care July 2016 Review

Happy Saturday! Meadow's here with a review of her July 2016 Daisy-Care Subscription Box. Once again, Daisy-Care did a great job picking appropriate items for Meadow. This is one of our favorite subscription boxes for dogs. 

Orbee-Tuff Mazee filled with Polkadog Wonder Nuggets. 
Meadow's bandana is from the Inner Sparkle Shoppe.
This month, the toy included in Meadow's box was a Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Mazee (approx. $20.95). Despite the fact that we buy everything else Meadow could possibly want or need, we haven't ever tried any treat puzzles with her. This is a great toy! It's approximately 5 inches in diameter, and is made of a clear rubber outer shell with a hole, and inside, there is a harder plastic maze. The translucent and pliable Orbee-Tuff outer shell combined with the harder inner maze activates several of the dog's senses - they can hear, see and smell the treats while they solve the puzzle. This toy is not meant as a chew toy, and I'm sure Meadow could destroy the rubber outer shell if she were allowed to chew on it. Since there were treats inside, Meadow wasn't interested in destroying the toy - she was focused on getting the treats out. When you place treats inside, they don't simply fall out the hole - they bounce around inside the maze inside. Meadow was fascinated. She first tried to stick her nose in the hole, and then her tongue. Eventually, she figured out that rolling the ball around would produce treats. This was a great pick for Meadow! It can be purchased directly from Planet Dog, or at Amazon.

Meadow also received a Barkworthies Beef Trachea, 6 inch. (approx.  $4.99). I love getting chews in Meadow's boxes, as it's a nice treat for her, and it's a good opportunity to try new products. Meadow's had Barkworthies products in the past, and they're a brand I trust, but we've not had a Barkworthies trachea before. She loves tracheas! They are crunchier than rawhide, but still tough enough that it takes her a little time to eat them, so they keep her busy for a while. Barkworthies tracheas come from grass-fed beef raised in South America  This particular trachea was a little greasy (I try not to think about it as I'm handling chews made of animal parts). I gave her the trachea and she sat down and quietly ate it over the course of about half an hour. Barkworthies products can be purchased at or at Amazon.

Meadow also received a Puppy Scoops Peanut Butter Flavor Doggie Ice Cream Mix by Puppy Cake, 6 oz. (approx. $6.99). Daisy-Care nailed it by sending peanut butter flavored doggie ice cream - two of Meadow's favorite things. This is powdered mix that you add water to, and freeze until solid. Now your dog can enjoy real ice cream for dogs at home! Puppy Scoops are smooth and creamy, just like ice cream, but with a fraction of the fat and calories and formulated for your dog’s digestion. Puppy Scoops are made in the USA. Meadow sampled her ice cream tonight, and she loved it! The ingredients include whole milk (lactose free), peanut, evaporated cane juice, gelatin, salt. Puppy Scoops can be purchased in the Daisy-Care shop, or at 

She also got a bottle of Bark-B-Q Pork Flavored Petchup Nutritional Condiment, 16 oz. (approx. $7.95). Daisy-Care must have read my mind - Meadow's been extraordinarily picky about her kibble lately. She will eat her kibble for a few days, then turn her nose up, and won't touch it. Then we try a different kind - she eats it for a few days, then decides she doesn't like it anymore. And around we go. The day we got Meadow's July Daisy-Care box, she was turning her nose up at her kibble at supper time. I gave it a shot, and put some of this Bark-B-Q sauce on her kibble, and wouldn't you know it, she actually ate some. I think this product will come in very handy. She definitely likes the flavor on it's own. This Bark-B-Q sauce also contains lots of vitamins and minerals. The ingredients include water, pork broth, dried sweet potato, sunflower oil, dried tomato, dried yeast, xanthan gum, citric acid (preservative), apple cider vinegar, natural smoke flavor, potassium sorbate, glucosamine hydrochloride (from shellfish) tricalcium phosphate, fish oil (source of omega 3 fatty acids), magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, inulin, sodium selenite, manganese citrate, maltodextrine, alph-tocopherol acetate, inositol, niacinamide, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin B12 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, zinc oxide, riboflavin, potassium citrate, cholecalciferol and folic acid. This Bark-B-Q sauce and other condiments from the Petchup line can be purchased at the Daisy-Care shop or at

Drool-worthy! Meadow's bandana is from
 the Inner Sparkle Shoppe.

Meadow also received a package of Bow-Wow Snicker Doodles from Paws Bakery, 8 oz. (approx. $6.99). These cookies are adorable! They look and smell just like snickerdoodles for humans. They are made in the USA from ingredients sourced in the USA. I was extremely tempted to taste one of these soft cookies myself. Needless to say, Little Miss Cookie Monster herself loved these! These cookies have 60 calories each, so they should definitely be fed in moderation! These are special cookies that Meadow will get at bedtime or when she's crated. The ingredients include wheat flour, honey, vegetable fat, egg, potassium bitartrate ("cream of tartar"), cinnamon, baking soda, and vanilla. Just add sugar, and these could be human cookies! They can be purchased directly from Paws Bakery. 

Patience practice. Meadow's bandana is fromthe Inner Sparkle Shoppe.
Last but not least, Meadow received a package of Polkadog Wonder Nuggets, 8 oz. (approx. $12.99). These training-size treats are soft and crumbly and stinky. These treats are made in the USA from ingredients sourced in the at the Polkadog bakery in Boston. Polkadog makes and packages all their treats in their shop in Boston in small batches. These treats contain only rolled oats, vegetable glycerin, barley flour, apples, and beef liver. Meadow thought these were delicious! They're the perfect size for training treats, but they do tend to crumble, so they may not hold up in a treat bag during vigorous exercise. They worked well inside Meadow's new Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Maze. These treats can be purchased directly from Polkadog or at Amazon

Overall Impressions

This is Meadow's fourth box from Daisy-Care, and I continue to be impressed with the selection of items that are perfect for Meadow. Other pet subscription boxes might have cute themes, but what really makes Daisy-Care stand out is the thoughtful selection of items suited for your pet. This month I calculated the value of the items to be over $60.00 - which is well over the cost of the box. In terms of quality and thoughtful selection of items, Daisy-Care is at the top of the field when it comes to pet subscription boxes. 

About Daisy-Care

Daisy-Care is a subscription service that delivers package of treats and toys for your dog each month. There are number of different subscription package options ~

The Everyday Subscription package is a surprise package of toys and/or treats for your dog. You can purchase a "Treats Only" Everyday Care Package Subscription which includes several made-in-the-USA goodies for your pooch, and this subscription is available as a 1-Month Subscription ($37.95), a 3-Month Subscription ($110.85 or $36.95/box), 6-Month Subscription ($215.70 or $35.95/box), or 12-Month Subscription ($419.40 or $34.95/box). You can also subscribe to a Toy and Treat Everyday Care Package, which includes a combination of toys and treats. The packages are available as a 1-Month Subscription ($47.95), a 3-Month Subscription ($140.85 or $46.95/box), a 6-Month Subscription ($275.70 or $45.95/box), or a 12-Month Subscription ($539.40 or $44.95/box).

Daisy-Care also has an Annual Holiday Care Package Subscription that includes twelve (12) packages with Holiday-themed items. The cost for the annual Holiday Care Package Subscription is $239.88 or $19.99/box. Daisy-Care also has special occasion packages, and you can also create your own custom care package by purchasing items from Daisy-Care's shop.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

BarkBox July 2016 Review

Greetings! Meadow's here today with a review of her July BarkBox. BarkBox is the most popular monthly dog subscription box, and after receiving BarkBox for a few months, it's easy to see why. BarkBox just seems to get better and better each month!

The BarkBox Opening Ceremonies. Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.

This month's theme was "World Chompians" for the Summer Olympic Games. I was a little skeptical, thinking that an Olympic-themed box would be kind of cheesy - but I was pleasantly surprised by how goofy and silly the toys were in this month's box. As usual, Meadow loves these goofy toys as well as the treats in this month's box.
Dave gets a workout. 
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Couture.
As for toys, Meadow's Extra Toy Club toy was "Dog Paddlin Dave" by Bark & Co. (approx. $10.00) This Bark & Co. exclusive toy is hilarious! This guy is about 11 inches long, and his torso is a full-body squeaker. Dave's appendages are filled with crinkle material. When thrown, the arms and legs flail around, and Meadow loves giving this toy the death shake. She loves playing fetch with Dave! If she were in a destructive mood, I think Dave's time would be short. I doubt Dave's appendages would hold up to a dog that likes to pull apart toys. Meadow loves full body big squeakers like Dave's torso, so she loves this toy. Unfortunately, after heavy chomping/squeaking, she usually punctures the squeaker in these types of toys, so he probably won't squeak for very long.

The Torch Bearer.
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Boutique
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
Use coupon code MEADOW10 for 10% off!

She also received a Hairy The Torch by Bark & Co. (approx. $12.00).  This 8 inch plush torch is covered in tough nylon, and the handle has a rope inside as well as a crinkle material. The top of the torch is a large squeaker, and the flame is bright orange faux fur. Meadow immediately decided to try to pull the fur out of the top, but we interrupted that game for a game of fetch with this torch. I love this toy! I'm envisioning cute pictures using this toy as a prop - if she doesn't wreck it by pulling the fur out of the top.

Meadow's new favorite toy ~ I-Vanna.
Meadow's cupcake collar is from Paws 'N' Claws Boutique
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
Use coupon code MEADOW10 for 10% off!

Meadow also got I-Vanna Not Fall-Ova by Bark & Co. (approx. $14.00). I-Vanna is hilarious! This was the toy Meadow pulled out of the box first. After playing fetch with all of the toys, this is the one that Meadow keeps bringing to play with and toss around in the house. I-Vanna's body is a large nubby plastic squeaky ball covered in plush. Her arms and legs are pull-through rope plush. I-Vanna bounces! She's got enough heft, it's easy to throw her. Meadow loves fetching her, and whipping I-Vanna's arms and legs around wildly. The ball itself feels pretty sturdy, but the appendages might be at risk for being ripped off. That said, Meadow's Dingo the Scarecrow toy from her May BarkBox that has pull-through appendages is still in one piece. This toy is hilarious and Meadow's really enjoying playing with it.

As for treats, Meadow received an Etta Says! Crunchy Select Liver Chew, 5 in. (approx. $3.00). I cannot find this specific Etta Says! treat anywhere online, nor in the BarkShop, so I'm guessing on the price based on similarly sized Etta Says! chews. While I took a picture of it right out of the package, I also failed to notice which protein this liver chew was and whether it's 100% protein or if it contains other ingredients. What I do know is that Meadow loved this! She got it stuck inside a peanut-butter-filled Kong. We've had Etta Says! treats in the past, and she enjoyed them. Every month, Meadow's box contains a chew, which is a nice way to try out different products. This month, and last month, though, the chew (a 5-inch chew, and a half-pig's ear), were a little on the small side for a dog of Meadow's size. I'd prefer a larger chew for her. A wide variety of Etta Says! treats can be found on Amazon and at

How long do I have to hold this treat? *Drools*
Her pineapple bandana is from The Barking Bow Tie
Use coupon code MEADOW10 for 10% off!
Meadow also received a package of Nootie Just Chew It Turkey Jerky Strips, 5 oz. (approx. $7.00). These jerky treats are made and sourced in the USA and contain no grain or gluten. The ingredients in these Turkey Jerky treats include turkey liver, potato starch, yellow pea powder, black beans, glycerin, dried ground beet, pulp product, chicken fat, pea fiber, tapioca starch, salt, lactic acid, natural smoke flavor, dried cultured skim milk, iron oxide, natural bacon flavor, mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract, annatto extract (color). Jerky treats are always a hit in our house, and these are no exception. They break apart fairly easily, so they can work as training treats.

Seriously. How many pictures do you need, mom.
 Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.

She also got a bag of House of Pups Gold Medal Dog Snacks, 5.5 oz. (approx. $6.00). These adorable paw-imprinted soft treats are a little large for training treats, but Meadow thinks they are delicious! These soft treats are high value, and work well for focus/attention and distraction practicing. The ingredients include lamb, lentils, pea flour, potatoes, tapioca starch, ground flaxseed, vegetable glycerin, canola oil (preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols, cheddar cheese, phosphoric acid, turmeric, salt, xanthan gum, sorbic acid (to preserve freshness), and natural flavor smoke.

Finally, there was a punch-out paper medal and ribbon that is designed to be punched out, and hung on your dog's collar as a "gold medal." We haven't tried putting it on Meadow yet, but I have some ideas for some cute photos with this paper "prop."

BarkBox knocked it out of the park again this month! We've been receiving BarkBox for four months now, and two other dog subscription boxes for a few months, and so far, BarkBox is my favorite - primarily because of the exclusive, unique toys and cute themes!  

About BarkBox

Meadow has a subscription to the Big & Bold Box (50+ pound) BarkBox with the add-on premium monthly toy. She weighs in at around 60 pounds, and is a medium-to-heavy chewer. She destroys some stuffies and treats others like babies. A one month subscription - or basically - a single box - costs $29.00. You can also sign up for a six-month ($24/box), or twelve-month subscription ($20/box). You can also add an extra premium toy for $9 a month. If there are toys and treats that your dog really loves, you can order more through the BarkShop.

To get a FREE box added to your subscription, use Meadow's BarkBox link, or Coupon Code "MEADOWANDKITTIES" and Meadow will also get a FREE box. OR, to get a FREE "mystery gift" added to your first BarkShop order, use Meadow's BarkShop link or use Coupon Code NPGJHA23.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Surprise My Pet July 2016 Dog Subscription Box Review

Meadow checks out her Surprise My Pet box
Meadow's got a little bit of a backlog of subscription boxes to review...all three of her subscription boxes came within two days this month!

Today, Meadow reviews her first Surprise My Pet subscription box. I got a good deal on through Groupon for a three month subscription to Surprise My Pet for $55.00. Check out Groupon for deals on pet subscription services - it's not uncommon to find a good deal!

The theme this month is "Fire Up the Grill It's Picnic Time!" I thought Surprise My Pet did a nice job with curation this month, and the value is good - especially with the Groupon deal. 

Yawn! No more pictures - only treats!
This month, we have a cute Red and White Checked Bandana by Latham & Company (approx. $7.99) - which fits nicely with the picnic theme. The tag on the bandana indicates that this is a size large, and it fits 19" - 20". It has a plastic clip on either end to secure it. It actually fits Meadow perfectly. She has an 18 inch neck, but she usually wears her bandanas a little loose. A dog with a larger neck is probably not going to fit into a Large. Meadow wears bandanas all the time, and I'm happy to add another one to her collection. This will get used. I like that it has a clip and is clearly a pet bandana, rather than a promotional generic bandana. This bandana - and other bandanas - is available for individual sale at the Latham & Company website.

I can has cheezeburger?
As for toys, first we had a Share the Love Plush Squeaky Hamburger by Jeffers, Inc. (approx. $2.00). Meadow spotted this hamburger as soon as we opened the box, and I could almost see the light bulb go off over her head - she thought this was another Velcro Buns of Anarchy Cheeseburger like she got in her April Barkbox, which is still in one piece, and which she still plays with. This cheeseburger is not a pull-apart Velcro toy, so I immediately envisioned her ripping this apart in about thirty seconds. This plush hamburger is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter, and it contains a squeaker. So far, Meadow hasn't wrecked it, but left to play with it unattended, I'm sure it would last about 30 seconds. We've been playing fetch with it in the house, and she loves it! It's a little small for a dog of Meadow's size, and would require close supervision with a bigger dog - or a dog that ingests toy parts. However, given the price point of $2.00 for this toy, it's not a huge financial loss if it gets wrecked. Again, nice job with matching the picnic theme! This plush squeaky hamburger is available for purchase directly from Jeffers, Inc.

Time for a doggie brewsky
We also received a PrideBites Paws Lite Beer Bottle (approx. $9.99). This beer bottle squeaky toy is adorable! It's made of a fleece cover, and lightweight foam stuffing with an interior squeaker. It' about 9 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide. It's a good size for Meadow. These toys also float! Meadow already has a PrideBites toy and it has held up very nicely. This is a good quality toy. We've been playing fetch with it in the house. This Paws Lite Beer Bottle toy is available for purchase directly from the PrideBites website.

A beer and a burger - perfect for a Saturday afternoon!
Yummo! Yummo!
Meadow also received a Himal Dog Treat (approx. $14.99). We have a yak chew cheese treat we purchased for her in her stockpile closet, but she hasn't tried it yet. We decided to give this one a try. Meadow was immediately interested, and took it over to a shady spot to chew on it in the backyard. She has a collection of antlers, Benebones, Nylabones, and other hard chews. I was curious to see exactly how hard this chew was. It is made only of yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice to produce a hard cheese chew. This chew kept Meadow busy for quite a while. She was able to bite off chunks which she chewed and ate. As with any hard chew, a dog should be supervised while enjoying this chew. Meadow did eventually eat the whole thing within about an hour-and-a-half or so. She really enjoyed it. We will definitely add these hard yak milk cheese chews to her regular rotation. These Himal Dog Treats can be purchased on Amazon. 

Seriously drool-worthy! Meadow's collar is from The Pup Nation.
We also received a Pawsitively Gourmet Cookie (approx. $1.99). I couldn't figure out what this cookie was at first until I consulted the information card in the box - it is a picnic blanket. It was in one piece. These cookies are handmade and sold wholesale by Pawsitively Gourmet. These cookies are widely available at pet retailers and are available in bulk on Amazon. They are made from stone-ground whole wheat flour, peanut butter, sweet potato, vegetable oil, corn syrup, yogurt coating, and carob coating. They are made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA. These cookies contain lots of sweet things, so it's no wonder that Miss Cookie Monster loved this treat!

Turkey time!
Last but not least, Meadow received a package of Loving Pets Grill-icious Turkey Treats, 4 oz.  (approx. $3.22). Loving Pets treats are widely available, but I don't think we've ever had them before. I was very pleasantly surprised by the ingredient list on these treats - just turkey and sweet potato - that's it! What's more - both the turkey and the sweet potatoes are farmed and raised in the USA, and the treats are manufactured in the USA. I feel good about feeding Meadow these treats, and she loves them! They are about the size of a half-dollar, and they are semi-hard. They can easily be broken in half. They are big for training treats, but we've discovered that larger treats that can be broken, or that we can let Meadow nibble during training seems to work well, so these are going into the training treat stockpile. Given the price, we will definitely be adding Loving Pets treats to the "buy again" list. I'm pleased to have tried these Loving Pets treats courtesy of Surprise My Pet.

Overall Impressions

I'd seen reviews of the Surprise My Pet subscription on other website, and I thought they did a nice job with curating for a monthly theme. I also thought that the toys and treats seemed to be a nice mix of higher value and more inexpensive treats and toys. I liked this month's box, and we got a chance to try a few items we've never tried before. Some of the items are relatively inexpensive, but they will work for us. Based on this month's box, Surprise My Pet seems like a good value for the price of the subscription, and I thought the curation of the items was nicely done for this month's theme. I calculated the total value of the box to be over $40.00 which is well over the monthly cost of the box, particularly if you purchase a longer subscription and/or use a coupon. In fact, you can get 10% off your subscription purchase using Meadow's link. 

About Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet is a monthly subscription service that delivers a monthly surprise box of treats and toys for your pet. They offer a variety of customization options and lengths of subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew after the subscription period unless you cancel before renewal. Surprise My Pet has dog subscriptions - and they also recently added cat subscriptions! For dogs, you can choose Tiny (under 10 pounds), Small (10-20 pounds), Medium (20-50 pounds), or Large (50+ pounds) to ensure that the products in your box are a good fit for your pet. A one-month subscription is $30, a three-month subscription is $84 ($28/box), and a yearly subscription is $288 ($24/box). Use Meadow's link and save 10% on your subscription! 

Looks like somebody partied a little too hard

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Orijen Alberta Bison Treats from Review

Happy Caturday everyone! Meadow and her Kitties recently became Influencers,
and we received our first item to review - Orijen Alberta Bison Treats, 2 oz. (approx. $9.49). 

Disclaimer ~ we received this item for free as part of the Influencer program in exchange for our honest opinion. 

We have had Orijen treats in the past ~ we love the fact that they are 100% protein and sourced from meat raised in Canada and the USA. Their line of 100% protein treats are great for both dogs and cats! Our diabetic cat Eddie can even have these 100% protein treats!

Orijen is a Canadian company that makes biologically appropriate food and treats for dogs and cats. All of Orijen's products are made from locally sourced ingredients, including free range poultry, whole nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fish, and ranch-raised meats.

These Alberta Bison treats are 100% protein - made only from freeze-dried bison, bison liver, and bison tripe. The bison meat is sourced from bison that are raised free-range on Alberta's Rolling Foothill Farms.  The treats themselves are a good size for training treats. They are not super dense or hard, but they are firm enough that they don't crumble or turn to dust in a training treat bag. They are crunchy but soft enough for Eddie, our diabetic cat, who has had several teeth removed, to eat, and enjoy! There's about 45 treats in the bag, and each treat is 7 calories. For dogs or cats with sensitivities to grains, poultry, fish or other ingredients, these are a great choice! Bison is also a "novel protein" for most pets, meaning that they probably have not eaten that protein in the past which can be an option for dogs or cats with digestive problems.

Eddie trying Orijen Alberta Bison Treats
Orijen is a brand I trust! While there's lots of options for healthy treats out there for dogs, one of the reasons I love Orijen is their variety of 100% protein treats that are healthy, and sourced in North America - that our cats can enjoy, too! Both Meadow and Eddie sampled these treats, and both of them enjoyed them! Orijen Alberta Bison Treats can be purchased at The only downside to Orijen is that they are a little spendy as far as pet treats go. But, I'm happy to splurge on an item like this, knowing that I'm getting a very healthy, high quality product that my pets will love.
Meadow patiently waiting for "OK" to try her Orijen Alberta Bison Treats. Her beautiful bandana is from Hoot & Co. Click here to get 10% off your first order from Hoot & Co. is a great place to purchase pet products online. They have a huge selection of high quality foods, treats, and other pet products, including Orijen brand products. To learn how to become a  influencer, email svillegas(@) for more information.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cavies in Cozies Fourth of July Reversible Dog Bandana Review

Hi friends! Meadow (and the person who pays her bills and buys her stuff) have discovered the amazing world of Etsy, and handmade toys, treats, and accessories for dogs and cats. In the past few weeks, Meadow's received several handmade items made by small businesses located throughout the US and abroad. We are big fans of supporting small businesses and getting unique, quality items!

Check out Meadow's Fourth of July Reversible Bandana by Cavies in Cozies (approx. $5.50). Before the Fourth of July, I decided Meadow needed a red, white, and blue bandana to sport while we visited the lake over the long weekend. I chose a lovely reversible tie-on bandana, with one side being blue with white stars, and the other side being red and white stripes, from Cavies in Cozies. I ordered three extra bandanas of the same style so Meadow's doggie cousins could have matching bandanas. I contacted the seller about ordering multiple bandanas of the same size, and she immediately responded that she was short on the fabric. Within a few hours, she contacted me again to send a picture of a slightly different fabric that she found, to confirm that the slightly different fabric was acceptable (it was!). She set up a custom listing in the Cavies in Cozies shop for me for my order, and she shipped my order by the next morning. The pricing on the items in the Cavies in Cozies shop is also very reasonable, particularly in comparison to some other dog bandana retailers. We received our bandanas in plenty of time before leaving town for the long holiday. Meadow wore her Cavies in Cozies Fourth of July bandana almost non-stop for the entire long weekend.

I was really, really impressed with the communication with the owner of Cavies in Cozies, and she went out of her way to ensure I was satisfied. The bandana is very nice quality, and its held up to lots of wear and tear playing fetch, running through fields, and even swimming in the lake. Cavies in Cozies has lots of adorable dog bandanas for sale, and they also sell "cozies" for guinea pigs and other small pets. I definitely recommend checking this shop out. I know Meadow will be a repeat customer.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Leaps and Bounds S'More Stuffy Dog Toy Review

Hello! We hope everyone is enjoying the summer! We were out of town several days over the holiday weekend, and we've been taking the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather we've been having.

Meadow is here today with a review of her Leaps and Bounds S'More Stuffy Dog Toy (approx. $12.99), which we purchased for her at Petco several weeks ago weeks ago. It appears that this toy is no longer available on, but you may still be able to find it in your local Petco store.

I spotted this adorable toy, and immediately began envisioning Meadow running around with a giant smiling s'more in her mouth, so I had to purchase it. The "graham cracker" top and bottom of the toy are crinkly, and the plush center contains a squeaker.

This was a hit! Meadow loved the crinkle and the squeak, and ran around tossing this toy in the air, and squeaking it. Adorable! I knew that it was destined to get destroyed at some point, as almost all stuffies do in our house. It did last through several days of heavy playtime, so it was actually more durable than I expected. Eventually, Meadow got a small hole in a seam in the plush "marshmallow" part and the toy was doomed. Be forewarned, if you have a stuffy killer, this toy has a TON of stuffing.