Saturday, July 9, 2016

Leaps and Bounds S'More Stuffy Dog Toy Review

Hello! We hope everyone is enjoying the summer! We were out of town several days over the holiday weekend, and we've been taking the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather we've been having.

Meadow is here today with a review of her Leaps and Bounds S'More Stuffy Dog Toy (approx. $12.99), which we purchased for her at Petco several weeks ago weeks ago. It appears that this toy is no longer available on, but you may still be able to find it in your local Petco store.

I spotted this adorable toy, and immediately began envisioning Meadow running around with a giant smiling s'more in her mouth, so I had to purchase it. The "graham cracker" top and bottom of the toy are crinkly, and the plush center contains a squeaker.

This was a hit! Meadow loved the crinkle and the squeak, and ran around tossing this toy in the air, and squeaking it. Adorable! I knew that it was destined to get destroyed at some point, as almost all stuffies do in our house. It did last through several days of heavy playtime, so it was actually more durable than I expected. Eventually, Meadow got a small hole in a seam in the plush "marshmallow" part and the toy was doomed. Be forewarned, if you have a stuffy killer, this toy has a TON of stuffing.

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